How to handle the copper melting furnace at high temperature?

2023-03-20 15:14

Oil fired copper melting furnace, which has uniform heating temperature, less burning loss, uniform metal composition, good casting quality, fast melting temperature rise, easy furnace temperature control, and high production efficiency; The power regulation of a copper melting furnace is sensitive, convenient, and continuously smooth; Uniform temperature, easy to control, less oxidation and burning loss, and uniform metal composition; The furnace shell adopts a cast aluminum alloy or steel shell structure, with a small floor area; The furnace body is convenient for tilting, and electric, manual, hydraulic, and other tilting methods can be selected according to demand; It can be melted directly from the cold furnace, and the solution can be completely emptied, making it convenient to replace the variety of molten materials.

Copper melting furnace

It is possible to use pure iron as a mold for soldering copper castings, but the mold is not lightweight. In factories, high-temperature parts are processed using high-temperature resistant mold steel. The more commonly used heat-resistant steel is 3Cr2W8V steel, and molds made with this mold steel can be used for a long time. "When molds are made of other steel materials, during repeated alternating high temperatures and heating, the surface of the mold will often sag quickly, which will affect the surface quality of the cast iron.". Therefore, if the quantity is not large, it doesn't matter much to use pure iron to make molds. However, if the quantity is relatively large, it is better to use heat resistant steel to make molds.

Under high temperature conditions, the furnace lining will react with molten iron in a crucible; It is worth mentioning that after water is discharged, the power is cut off to keep it at a lower temperature for insulation. When preparing for water discharge, the temperature is increased according to the temperature of the previous packet of water. This can reduce the corrosion of high-temperature molten iron on the furnace lining, extend the service life of the furnace lining, and reduce power consumption. It is a good way to advance the furnace life and reduce power consumption.

During shutdown cooling, in order to prevent sudden cooling of the furnace lining and empty furnace cooling, and to prevent cracks in the furnace lining due to excessive temperature difference between the upper and lower parts during the cooling process, the furnace cover should be covered to make the furnace lining evenly rise and fall during cooling, and then ensure the service life of the furnace.

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