Characteristics of Copper Melting Furnace and Gas Industrial Furnace

2023-03-20 15:20

Characteristics of copper melting furnace

The device and operation of energy-saving copper melting furnace are very convenient, and you can learn it immediately;

The electric furnace is ultra small in size, light in weight, movable, and covers a small area;

3.24 hours of uninterrupted smelting capacity, relatively energy-saving;

4. Conveniently replace different furnace bodies with different weights, and get used to various smelting requirements;

5. Choose a subminiature medium frequency induction heating power supply, which is different from traditional medium frequency power supplies.

Gas industrial furnace

The copper melting furnaces needed in the market are generally based on their process requirements (for materials and product quality), and are commonly made of materials such as red copper, brass, or copper alloys. Common products after copper melting include copper rods, copper ingots, copper bars, and electronic products.

Currently, copper melting furnaces using natural gas (or perhaps liquefied petroleum gas) as fuel are more economical and environmentally friendly. The general structure of such copper melting furnaces is that the shell is made of ordinary steel and 20G welded. The interior is a refractory layer and thermal insulation layer, and the corresponding design can refer to the "Industrial Furnace Design Manual". A burner hole is provided on the furnace body, and suitable industrial burners are installed. There are also fans and gas pressure regulating valves supporting the furnace. Common copper melting furnaces using natural gas as fuel include cupola shaft furnaces, tilting furnaces (perhaps converters), and reverberators, which are mainly used to produce copper rods. Of course, the quality requirements for materials are also very high.

Generally, factories with small copper consumption or factories with low quality requirements for copper products can use small copper melting converters. Currently, there are commonly 300KG/H, 500KG/H, 1T/H melting capacity converters.


Small converter device and convenient operation, easy to learn and master. Others, such as shaft furnaces and tilting furnaces, are cumbersome and require a large amount of work, and generally require pre job training.

Small converters have small size, less floor space, and convenient transportation. Shaft furnaces, etc., have a large volume and occupy a large area, and are generally assembled on site and transported in sections.

Choose natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel, with low cost. Energy conservation and environmental protection.

4. Generally, product quality can be well controlled, and it is suitable for manufacturers with high product quality requirements.

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