What are the air preheating methods for gas fired copper melting furnaces

2023-03-20 15:21

The gas copper melting furnace is based on scientific research on preheating combustion air and fuel oil, which shows that increasing the temperature of fuel oil can also achieve the goal of environmental protection and energy conservation. The method of preheating combustion air with flue gas and then heating fuel oil can be selected to acquire waste heat recovery from flue gas. The higher the temperature of fuel and combustion air, the higher their sensible heat, and the higher their fuel saving rate. Next is the key step: In the front, according to the N2 heater, heating the flue gas for atomization and oxidation requires N2, which can reduce the flue gas from 1060 ℃ to about 907 ℃; In the second stage, the flue gas from the N2 heater preheats the combustion air according to the flue gas air heat exchanger; In the third stage, after preheating the combustion air with flue gas, the diesel engine is heated by a fuel heater to raise the temperature of the diesel engine from 15 ℃ to 300 ℃. Tongchuang pool type aluminum melting furnace is mainly used in aluminum plants to mix and melt aluminum ingots and waste aluminum, with low unit energy consumption, high waste heat recovery and utilization rate, low element burning loss, low pollutant discharge, convenient operation, long service life, high melting rate, and large pool capacity.

Starting from the analysis of the entire insulation process of aluminum melting furnaces, it is emphasized that aluminum melting furnaces of different furnace types or the same furnace type use different fuels or different burners. Among them, gas based copper melting furnaces may have different fuel consumption and investment estimates. Therefore, for companies, selecting the appropriate fuel and burner to maintain a large aluminum melting rate with low energy consumption, In order to achieve the goal of improving the utilization rate of electric energy for aluminum melting furnace machinery and equipment. Taian Tongchuang Industrial Furnace is more energy efficient, combining years of research on smelting processes to create a new series of aluminum melting furnace products. Provide you with solutions, smelting equipment consulting, process support, and other services. Aluminum and aluminum alloy profile smelting furnaces (commonly referred to as aluminum melting furnaces) are relatively common machinery and equipment in the aluminum processing, melting, and manufacturing industry. The entire smelting process is a manufacturing stage in which the aluminum processing and manufacturing industry consumes a large amount of power, energy, and raw materials. The melting rate and energy consumption per ton of aluminum are two basic working capacity indicators of aluminum melting furnaces. Aluminum melting furnaces of different furnace types or the same furnace type use different fuels or different burners, The fuel consumption and investment estimation will vary, so it is important for companies to select appropriate fuels and burners to achieve a high aluminum melting rate with low energy consumption, thereby achieving a higher utilization rate of electrical energy for aluminum melting furnace machinery and equipment.

Nowadays, gas fired copper melting furnaces have been increasingly promoted in practical factory applications, which not only saves time, but also greatly improves work efficiency, achieves the goal of safe production, and is relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly. We will also be able to design and manufacture complete sets of smelting furnace equipment according to customer needs, to meet customer needs in actual production.

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