What is the process and application of copper melting furnace ablation?

2023-03-20 15:22

Wuxi Huadong Electric Boiler Co.,Ltd. and you describe the melting process and application of copper melting furnace?

The entire process of melting copper blocks in a copper melting furnace

Copper melting furnace is a device used to melt copper blocks. Its operation process can be divided into four different stages, namely, the copper block melting process.

The first stage is arcing. After the copper melting furnace is electrified, the electrode emits hot electrons, resulting in a lot of electrons from the cathode. High speed electrons dissociate neutral air molecules into ions, resulting in air having the ability to conduct electricity, generating an arc, and releasing a lot of light and heat.

Copper melting furnace

The second stage is the electrode penetration and the melting of the stainless steel under the electrode. After the copper melting furnace is electrified and arced, the stainless steel under the electrode is heated and melted. As the melting proceeds, the electrode drops to a low position over a period of 15-25 minutes. At this stage, the copper block is always surrounded by the furnace charge, and the vast majority of the heat emitted by the electric arc is used to heat and melt the copper block. There is little thermal radiation to the furnace cover, and large power should be transported into the furnace.

The three stages are mainly the melting of copper blocks around the electrode and the rise of the electrode. As the melting proceeds, the liquid level rises, and the electrode also rises accordingly. During the rising process, the surrounding copper blocks gradually melt. As long as there is some unmelted stainless steel left on the furnace slope and bottom in the copper melting furnace, the arc is still surrounded by cold materials for most of the time, and large power should still be transported into the furnace.

The fourth stage is the melting of stainless steel in the low-temperature furnace area. The electric arc is a point heat source, and the temperature distribution in the furnace is uneven. The stainless steel near the furnace door and on both sides of the steel outlet melts slowly. The cold materials in these places should be promptly pushed into the melting pool; And input power and voltage should be appropriately reduced.

Through the above four stages of processing, the copper melting furnace can smoothly melt the copper block into the desired state, thereby better putting it into further applications.

The copper melting furnace uses natural gas as fuel, and attention should be paid to the following when using it:

1. After starting the heating furnace, adjust the heating parameters, and then conduct normal heating production after the heating parameters are stable.

2.During the charging process, the copper melting furnace should be placed correctly. Only large pieces of aluminum material need to be processed before charging, and it is necessary to pay attention to methods. The irregular side should be placed upward as much as possible to prevent jamming of the furnace lining.

3. When the copper melting furnace burns materials in a cold furnace, it is not possible to immediately apply the rated power. Instead, it should use 60% to 75% of the normal power for low-temperature heating, which can prevent cracks in the refractory material of the furnace lining. When the temperature of the furnace lining reaches approximately 90 ℃, the power can be increased to the normal process power and formal casting operations can begin.

4. The furnace structure should be reasonably designed to improve the useful use of energy. The main elements of supply are refractory materials, thermal insulation materials, furnace structures, control systems, and burner systems. Refractory and thermal insulation materials have excellent heat resistance and insulation properties, which can reduce energy consumption and improve their energy-saving effect.

The copper melting furnace has fast heating speed, convenient operation, good working environment, energy conservation, environmental protection, and high production efficiency.

Copper melting furnace

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