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Large semi continuous casting copper melting furnace


Large power frequency cored copper melting furnaces mainly include: open furnace body, furnace frame, tilting cylinder, inductor, magnetic yoke, high-pressure carbon free rubber hose, casting and fixing materials at furnace mouth and bottom, a complete set of stainless steel water inlet distributor, return water collector and clamp, wall mounted water inlet and outlet water collector, etc. The oil cylinder is designed using water glycol as the hydraulic medium. All hydraulic seals are suitable for use with water glycol.

Energy consumption:

Brass, melted and cast simultaneously, with a comprehensive energy consumption of 260 kw. h/t

Red copper, melted and cast simultaneously, with a comprehensive energy consumption of 320kw. h/t

(1) The steel structure of the furnace body adopts an open steel frame structure, and the basic framework of the furnace frame is composed of large size H-shaped steel or square steel pipes. The overall structure is simple and robust, and is easy to maintain and overhaul.

(2) The furnace body has a large inclination of 95 degrees.

(3) The surface of the furnace platform is knotted with refractory materials, which provides more adequate protection for the furnace body and also ensures that the furnace platform will not deform.

(4) The components at the upper end of the induction furnace are detachable, facilitating the replacement of the induction coil.

(5) The induction furnace coil and magnet yoke are fixed using a welded steel structure equipped with suitable supports and clamps.

(6) The heavy duty steel component pillars on both sides are solid supports for the induction furnace body, providing a hydraulic tilting axis. At the same time, the outward and upward movement of the axis ensures that the movement trajectory of the furnace body's tapping hole is small, reducing energy loss during tapping.

(7) The induction coil copper tube is made of Chinalco copper, and the material is solid, durable, and highly conductive TU1 oxygen-free copper tube. The water cooled coil and the effective coil are integrally formed of copper tubes without segmentation. Advanced segmentation technology and high insulation are used between the adjacent two turns of copper tubes of the induction coil. An insulating sheet is implanted between the adjacent induction coils. After the coil is sprayed with insulating paint, it becomes a complete structure, and is pressed by the upper and lower steel structures in the furnace body. The overall structure is solid without deformation. Appropriate coil turns can achieve high electrical efficiency. The coil is supplied with cooling water through multiple waterways and evenly distributed. The outside of the coil is tightly wrapped with insulating material. The arc shaped insulating gasket between turns simultaneously ensures uniform coil spacing and facilitates moisture emission.

Scope of application:

Suitable for copper and copper alloy melting, heat preservation, and casting.

Main technical parameters:


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