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Well type annealing furnace


Well type annealing furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic operation annealing furnace, mainly used for annealing heat treatment of mechanical parts such as long shafts, rods, and pipe fittings, as well as for normalizing, quenching, and other heat treatment. Long rod shaped workpieces, such as barrels, turbine shafts, and rotors, are vertically loaded and heated in a shaft furnace to avoid bending and deformation.

Structure introduction: The shell of the well type annealing furnace is a well type furnace structure, which is insulated by high aluminum refractory bricks and aluminum silicate fibers. When using full fiber as furnace lining insulation, the heating element is generally heated with high temperature resistance tape, with a longer service life and not easy to break. All automatic controls for the well type annealing furnace cover in our factory are provided with safety protection. When the furnace cover is opened, the control power supply is automatically cut off, and heating can only be started when the furnace cover is tightly closed, ensuring the safety of operators.

The well type annealing furnace is mainly used for tempering and annealing various workpieces in a less oxidizing atmosphere. The electric furnace structure mainly consists of a furnace body, a furnace liner, a furnace cover, a vacuum pumping device, and a temperature control system.

The furnace shell is welded by section steel and steel plate, and the furnace is built with aluminum silicate refractory fiber module and ultra light high aluminum foam brick inside. The corrugated ribbon heating element is fixed to the furnace lining cotton through high aluminum ceramic nails.

In the furnace, there is a furnace liner made of tightly welded heat-resistant plates, and the processed workpiece is placed inside the furnace liner.

A ventilator is installed on the furnace cover to force airflow circulation to equalize the temperature and gas in the furnace.

The furnace cover is sealed and connected to the furnace inlet flange, and a vacuum device is connected to the furnace cover.

The temperature control system adopts PID programmable control, with functions such as overtemperature alarm and fault self-diagnosis.

Performance characteristics:

1. It is equipped with a special gas circulation mechanism and a comprehensive ventilation unit (including fan blades) with large flow rate and good air tightness.

2. Adopt ultra light and energy-saving composite furnace lining to save energy;

3. A simple drip type protective atmosphere can be added to achieve a low oxidation effect;

4. The furnace cover adopts an innovative multi-layer sealing structure, and adopts manual levers or electro-hydraulic and worm gear mechanisms for lifting and lowering to reduce labor;

5. Good furnace temperature uniformity, up to ± 5 ° C, and temperature control accuracy of 1 ° C;

6. There is a dedicated measurement and control thermocouple device that can meet the different requirements of navigation, military, and national standards.


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