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Aluminum alloy round rod 8-60


A generic term for aluminum based alloys. The main alloy elements include copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, and manganese, while the secondary alloy elements include nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, and lithium. Silicon has a corrosive effect on cemented carbide.


1、 The application of plate bars is widely used in various industries such as decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, weapons, and so on.

2、 Aluminum materials for transportation are used as structural materials for car bodies of automobiles, subway vehicles, railway buses, and high-speed passenger cars, as well as materials for doors and windows, shelves, automotive engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, body panels, wheel hubs, and naval vessels.

3、 Packaging aluminum cans are mainly made of sheet and foil materials, which are used as metal packaging materials to make cans, caps, bottles, barrels, and packaging foils. It is widely used in packaging of beverages, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, industrial products, etc.

4、 Aluminum materials for electronic appliances are mainly used in various fields such as bus bars, wiring, conductors, electrical components, refrigerators, air conditioners, and cables. Specification: round bar, square bar, plate, strip, coil.

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