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Horizontal continuous casting copper rod 180-200


The horizontal continuous casting furnace can continuously cast almost all special steels, high alloy steels, and non ferrous alloys. At present, the three key technologies for developing horizontal continuous casting furnaces, namely the separation ring, mold, and casting mechanism, have been resolved. The cold shut defects in the drawing process that affect the quality of horizontal continuous casting slabs and the problem of inclusions gathering near the upper surface, as well as the defects such as center porosity and center segregation, are not serious compared to vertical and arc continuous casting machines. Existing technical measures (tundish heating to control the temperature of molten steel, electromagnetic stirring in the mold and secondary cooling section, controlled cooling technology in the mold and secondary cooling section, etc.) have been able to mitigate the harm of these defects to horizontal slabs. Therefore, the horizontal continuous casting furnace has long received attention from relevant domestic parties. Many steel plants in China have used horizontal continuous casting furnaces to produce round, square, and rectangular billets.

The main advantages are as follows:

1.The horizontal continuous casting furnace is located on a horizontal line from the mold to the drawing machine and the cutting machine, which can reduce the height of the plant and reduce the engineering construction cost.

2.The tundish can adopt a larger nozzle inner diameter to eliminate nozzle nodules, so it is possible to cast steel grades with high aluminum content.".

3. There is no need to control the level of steel in the mold and add slag, which is simple to operate and saves manpower.

4.The tundish and mold are closely connected through water nozzles and separation rings, and there is no secondary oxidation of molten steel, which can improve the cleanliness of the billet.

5.Due to the fact that the casting billet is not affected by bending and straightening deformation, it is suitable for casting round billets and sensitive steel grades.

6. The mold has no vibration mechanism, no bending and straightening equipment, and no secondary water spray cooling system. Therefore, the structure is simple and maintenance is convenient.

7.The horizontal continuous casting machine adopts a rigid straight dummy bar, which not only has a simple structure but also has a small shake.

8. The working environment is improved due to the omission of secondary cooling and spraying systems

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