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Horizontal continuous casting copper pipe 9025


Horizontal continuous casting copper tubes are used more widely than pure iron. Every year, 50% of copper is electrolytic purified into pure copper, which is used in the electrical industry. The red copper mentioned here must indeed be very pure, with a copper content of over 99.95%. A very small amount of impurities, especially phosphorus, arsenic, aluminum, etc., can greatly reduce the conductivity of copper. Oxygen content in copper (easily mixed with a small amount of oxygen during copper smelting) has a significant impact on electrical conductivity, and copper used in the electrical industry generally requires oxygen free copper. In addition, impurities such as lead, antimony, and bismuth can prevent the crystallization of copper from binding together, resulting in heat embrittlement, and also affecting the processing of pure copper. This pure copper with high purity is generally refined by electrolysis: using impure copper (i.e., crude copper) as the anode, pure copper as the cathode, and copper sulfate solution as the electrolyte. After the current passes through, the impure copper on the anode gradually dissolves, and the pure copper gradually precipitates on the cathode. Copper refined in this way; The purity can reach 99.99%. Horizontal continuous casting copper pipe is a relatively pure type of copper, generally considered to be pure copper, with good conductivity and plasticity, but lower strength and hardness.

Characteristics of production equipment:

The unit consists of a submerged power frequency cored combination furnace, a micro range reverse thrust casting machine, a synchronous shearing machine, and a winding machine. PLC automatically controls the working procedure, making the process parameters easy to adjust, significantly improving the quality of the casting. It is characterized by advanced technology, novel structure, and significant energy saving. Suitable for producing alloy copper, plate and strip, tube billets, and shaped ingots.

Production process:


Technical parameters:


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