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Trolley type annealing furnace


The trolley type annealing furnace is mainly used for mold annealing of high chromium and high manganese steel castings, gray iron castings, rollers, steel balls, wear-resistant lining plates, and other workpiece annealing heat treatment.

Trolley type annealing furnace is an advanced heat treatment technology that achieves rapid temperature rise, insulation, and energy saving while automatically executing precision annealing processes. The trolley type annealing furnace adopts an ultra energy-saving furnace lining structure and uses high-purity ceramic fibers in the industry for insulation, saving energy and electricity by 30-50% year-on-year. The heating element of our annealing furnace adopts a universal OCr25Al5 resistance tape with a temperature of 1250 ℃, which ensures the quality assurance of the industry to meet the material standards. The high-precision temperature control system dedicated to our annealing furnace is used to fully automate the annealing process curve, with a temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃.

Precautions: The heat-resistant steel furnace bottom plate installed on the trolley is used for carrying workpieces. In order to prevent the oxide skin from falling into the vicinity of the bottom heating element through the gaps in the furnace bottom plate after heating the workpieces, it is necessary to regularly maintain and purge the oxide skin under the trolley furnace bottom plate. Purging the oxide skin clean can achieve long-term use and trouble-free operation.

Performance characteristics:

1. No noise, no environmental pollution.

2. Low heat storage and less heat loss.

3. High temperature control accuracy and strong furnace temperature uniformity.

4. High degree of automation and simple operation.

5. PID programming can be used for fully automatic implementation.

6. Good sealing performance, long service life, safety and reliability.

Technical parameters:


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