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Horizontal continuous casting of complex alloy round bars


The production equipment for horizontal continuous casting complex alloy round bars has the following characteristics:

(1) The height of the continuous casting furnace is very low, which can be installed in low or old plants;

(2) Suitable for casting small section billets, which can cast circular wires with a diameter of 4mm. Most of the existing horizontal continuous casting furnaces have a casting section diameter of 70-180mm, with a larger diameter not exceeding 300mm. There are certain difficulties in producing slabs;

(3) The intermediate tank and crystallizer are sealed and connected to avoid secondary oxidation of the steel stream, which is beneficial to maintaining the purity of the molten steel;

(4) There is no bending or straightening process in the casting machine to avoid cracks caused by bending or straightening stress;

(5) The production capacity of the casting furnace is low because a tundish can generally only connect two flow channels, resulting in low casting speed, small billet section, and low operating rate;

(6) The cost of casting billet production is high, and the price of auxiliary materials (separation ring, graphite segment crystallizer, etc.) is high;

(7) Suitable for pouring high alloy steel, steel grades with strong crack sensitivity, or difficult to deform metals;

(8) When the casting furnace is placed horizontally and the static pressure of the molten steel is low, during the solidification process, the molten steel is not sufficiently fed, and the center of the billet is prone to shrinkage.

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