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Red copper rod with upward drawing method


The upwardly drawn red copper rod is pure copper that does not contain oxygen or any deoxidizer residues. However, it still contains very small amounts of oxygen and some impurities. According to the standard, the content of oxygen is not greater than 0.02%, the total content of impurities is not greater than 0.05%, and the purity of copper is greater than 99.95%.

According to the oxygen content and impurity content, the upwardly introduced copper rod is further divided into TU1 and TU2 copper rods. The purity of TU1 red copper rod reaches 99.99%, and the oxygen content is not greater than 0.001%; The purity of TU2 copper reaches 99.95%, and the oxygen content is not greater than 0.002%.

Oxygen-free copper rods are also made with imported equipment and domestic equipment, but imported products have no obvious advantages. After the copper rod products are produced, the difference is not significant. As long as the copper plate is well selected and the production control is relatively stable, domestic equipment can also produce 0.05% stretchable copper rods. The imported equipment is generally from Ottokump, Finland.

Oxygen free and low oxygen rods can be easily distinguished from each other in terms of oxygen content. Oxygen free copper has an oxygen content of 10-20 PPM or less, but some manufacturers can only achieve 50 PPM or less. Low oxygen copper rods have an oxygen content of 200-400 PPM or less, and good rods generally have an oxygen content of around 250 PPM or less. Oxygen free rods generally adopt the upward drawing method. Low oxygen rods are continuously cast and rolled, and the two products are relatively more suitable for the performance of enamelled wire, such as flexibility, rebound angle, and winding performance.

Equipment features:

This series of products is specialized in producing a complete set of upwardly drawn oxygen-free copper rods and shaped ingots. The unit consists of a dual furnace, a continuous upwardly drawn main machine, and a winding and looping unit. The casting machine is equipped with servo motor, intelligent numerical control, and process data is easy to adjust.

Technical parameters:


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